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Here are some of the services we can provide to assist you.

Our Services


Trust Management

We are here to help you to understand your trust and whether it is still working for you. We will get all your trust documents together and review everything to help bring your trust up to date. We will assist you to manage your trust going forward by organising outstanding gifting and annual general meetings.

Talk to our team today about reviewing your trust structure today.

Some things to consider:
•Do you understand the terms of your trust?
•Are the trustees doing an annual general meeting?
•Do all the trustees know what the trust is doing?



Running a business is complex. The legal landscape of compliance and structures is ever changing and keeping up is crucial. We can help you keep on top of the compliance so you can work on your business.

Some things we can assist with are:
• Sale and Purchase Agreements
• Terms of Trade
• Employment Agreements
• Ownership Structures
• Protection of Personal Assets
• Buy/Sell Agreements
• Shareholder Agreements

For Everyone


Not everything always goes to plan and when that happens we are here to help you.

Our litigation team is experienced and committed to our clients to get you the best result.

  • Criminal
  • Family
  • Civil
  • Relationship Property
  • Employment

For Everyone


Our criminal lawyers can provide guidance through the criminal justice system and help you navigate the allegations against you.

Get in touch for our criminal services.

  • Police Prosecutions, including all manner of trials
  • Motor Vehicle Offences
  • Alcohol Related Driving Offences
  • Traffic Offences
  • Limited License Applications / Work License
  • Bail Applications

For Employers & Employees


Employment law can be a minefield as the Employer or the Employee.

Our specialist team can assist you with any of these matters.

  • Employment Agreements
  • Company Employment Policies
  • Advice on Disciplinary Procedures
  • Personal Grievances
  • Dispute Resolution and Mediation
  • Employment Litigation

For Everyone

Relationship Property

Whether you are entering into a new relationship or exiting an old one, negotiating relationship property matters can be difficult or an awkward conversation to have.

Our relationship property legal services include any of the following matters.

  • Contracting Out Agreements (New Relationships)
  • Separation and Relationship Property Agreements
  • Dissolution of Marriage

For everyone


From first home buyers to veterans of the housing market, we're here to help

Buying and selling property can be daunting. We can guide you through the process from start to finish. We will review the agreements before you sign them and can help you satisfy your conditions as they fall due.

  • Buying and Selling Houses
  • Buying and Selling Apartments
  • Buying and Selling Licence to Occupy
  • Refinancing
  • First Home Buyers

For Businesses


Helping you put the clarity back into your business arrangements.

We know sometimes in business things can be unclear in the ever changing landscape of rules and regulations. We are here to help you clarify the changes because we care about your business too and helping it grow.

  • Assisting with making commercial decisions
  • Commercial Leases
  • Commercial Lending
  • Employment Agreements
  • Resolving Commercial Disputes
  • Buying and Selling Businesses
  • Company Formation
  • Business Structures
  • Franchise Agreements

For Families


CS Law takes pride in taking a caring approach to Family Law as it can be a delicate and stressful time for everyone.

We can assist with the following:

  • Hague Convention
  • Ministry of Vulnerable Children Oranga Tamariki
  • Child Care Matters – guardianship, access or custody
  • Family Court Litigation
  • Domestic Violence
  • Family Protection

For Families


Our experienced team will guide you through a difficult time in your personal life.

We can assist you in all types of estates, regardless of whether we are the executor or not. Please feel free to contact our team to discuss your questions.

  • Transmission
  • Probate
  • Letters of Administration
  • Estate Sales
  • Collecting and Distributing assets to Beneficiaries
  • Retirement Village/Rest Home Agreements

For Farmers


Working on your business so you can work on your farm.

We value the important role of farmers in our economy and want to support you to succeed in your farming business. We can help clarify regulations and rules as they change and assist you to get the right business structure.

  • Advice on ownership structures
  • Succession planning
  • Asset protection
  • Farm sales & acquisitions
  • Management, sharemilking & employment
  • Lifestyle block & subdivisions

For Individuals

General Law

Let's get your legal life sorted so you can live your life worry free.

Our general law team can help you arrange all your personal legal needs so you can focus on living life to its fullest.

  • Wills
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Family Trusts
  • Relationship Property
  • Asset Protection
  • Retirement Village/Rest Home Agreements
Our Rates

Here is some guiding information on our fees.

Our team has a range of rates. Work on your file is delegated to a range of people to make it cost effective to you. If you need more security around fees please feel free to contact us to discuss getting an estimate for the service you need.

  • Director$300/hr to $350/hr plus GST
  • Lawyers$150/hr to $300/hr plus GST
  • Legal Executives$150/hr to $250/hr plus GST