Employment Law

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Services included

  • Personal Grievances
  • Employment Investigations
  • Disciplinary/Performance Proceedings
  • Contentious Exits
  • Discrimination
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Restructure and Redundancy
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Representation in Mediation/ERA/Employment Court
  • Employment obligations during the sale/purchase of a business

The Employment Relationship is one of the most important relationships in our lives and can often become contentious and difficult for all involved.

At CS Law, we have experience helping both employers and employees navigate the complexities of employment law at every stage of the employment relationship.

For employers — We believe preparation is key. We can help you ensure that your business is prepared and ready so that if employment issues do arise it can be managed efficiently and effectively, while preserving the interests of everyone involved.

For employees — We understand that when employment issues arise they can often feel too big to manage and can impact day-to-day life. We can help support you when this happens and ensure that you have professional representation and advice.

Ultimately, whether you are an employer or an employee, we understand that when these issues arise it can be incredibly stressful and time-consuming. Our focus is on pragmatic, cost-effective advice that recognises the interpersonal dynamics of the employment relationship and provides you with clear guidance on the way forward. We know how to resolve disputes one on one without resorting to formal court processes to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved. However, where formal processes are unavoidable our litigators have experience before the Employment Relations Authority, Employment Court, Human Rights Review Tribunal, and more.

Meet the team

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Daniel Vincent


P06 366 0179

Hi, I'm Daniel.
I'm a Director and I specialise in Dispute Resolution, Employment Law, Family Law, Litigation and Relationship Property.

Daniel specialises in complex family litigation, often involving international and cross border issues.

He appears regularly in appellate jurisdictions, most recently in respect of the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction but also on relationship property and trust matters.

In addition to his private practice, he also maintains a busy Lawyer for Child practice.

He has over 20 years’ experience in litigation and is an experienced advocate in both appellate and trial contexts.

Having led the family team at Thomas Dewar Sziranyi Letts in Wellington for a number of years, he has recently joined CS Law where he leads the Disputes Resolution Team.

Peter McKenzie-Bridle




Hi, I'm Peter.
I'm a Director and I specialise in Employment Law, Family Law and Litigation.

Peter specialises in resolving disputes that arise in a variety of relationships such as between people who are separating, and between employers and employees. Peter’s diverse background working in different environments such as IT, social work, and law helps him remain grounded and focused on negotiating the realistic solutions to complex problems.

Where a matter cannot be resolved by agreement through negotiation, Peter is also experienced in presenting cases in court and has appeared in the Family Court, Employment Court, High Court, and a variety of other forums.

Peter is married to Kate and they live in Wellington. They have 3 adult children, 2 cats and a dog. When he’s not at work, you may find Peter surfing the waves at Lyall Bay, spending time with his family, or at St Michael’s Anglican Church in Kelburn.

Nick Platje


P04 832 4472

Hi, I'm Nick.
I'm a Solicitor and I specialise in Employment Law, Family Law and Litigation & Dispute Resolution.

After two years at a small Wellington firm specialising in Employment Law, Nick joined CS Law in mid-2022 to expand his practice into Family Law. Family and Employment play a central part of all of our lives and can involve complex and contentious relationships that requires careful and considered advice to navigate. Nick is focused on ensuring that his clients receive effective and efficient advice that help resolve problems in the most important and inherently personal areas of our lives.

Nick has experience assisting both employers and employees at every stage of the employment relationship and level of the employment jurisdiction, at mediation services, the Employment Relations Authority, the Employment Court, and the Human Rights Review Tribunal. In his practice Nick has dealt with a wide array of issues including personal grievances, privacy concerns, restraints of trade, health and safety, and contentious exits.

Nick also brings his focus on relationships into his practice of Family Law and can help you in disputes relating to care of children, relationship property, family violence, and more.

Alex Johnson

P04 830 0906

Hi, I'm Alex.
I'm a Law Clerk and I specialise in Dispute Resolution, Employment Law and Litigation.

Alex joined CS Law in 2023 and works in our Litigation Team.

Alex graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in International Relations. During his studies, Alex worked as a community youth worker for young people in Wellington and Porirua.
In his spare time, Alex is an avid hockey player and enjoys a round of golf.