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Here are some helpful resource we have put together. If you can't find what you are looking for please contact us.


Estates: Did you know…

Here is some useful information relating to the area of Estates law.

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Relationship Property

Pre-Nuptial Agreements (aka Relationship Property Agreements)

A Prenuptial Agreement or ‘Pre-Nup’ (better called a ‘Relationship Property Agreement’) is a written contract entered into by two people to decide how they want their property to be divided during their relationship, and if their relationship should end.

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Helpful Info

Information for Trustees

Here we discuss some handy information for trustees in regard to their obligations and duties, find attached our PDF. We hope that you find these points helpful in understanding your role under the new Trusts Bill and how you must act in your capacity as a Trustee going forward.

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What does your Bank have to tell you when you get a Mortgage?

Getting a loan is a very common way for purchasers, and especially first-home buyers, to enter the property market in New Zealand. Loans are secured against the property you buy.

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