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By Hannah, 10.07.23

The Importance of Business Planning

One of our Directors, Hannah Wood, has shared an article on the importance of business planning.

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By Hannah, 18.05.22

Family Trusts: Wind it up or not wind it up?

Have a Family Trust? Take a look at this article written for the Horowhenua Chronicle on issues you may face if you choose to wind up your trust early.

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By Hannah, 26.11.21

Subdividing Your Back Section

CS Law Director Hannah Wood wrote an article for the Horowhenua Chronicle on Subdivisions and what you need to know if you are thinking of subdividing.

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By Hannah, 16.11.18

Steps For A Subdivision

Hannah Wood (CS Law) and Sophie Campbell (Truebridge Associates Ltd) present a very general overview of the various steps involved in a subdivision to give an idea of the process and timeframe.

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