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By Bridget, 03.11.19

Updated Privacy Guidelines for Landlords and Tenants

The Privacy Commissioner recently published updated guidelines outlining what information should and should not be collected by landlords when deciding whether someone will make a suitable tenant. 

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Helpful Info

By Connie, 26.09.19

Healthy Homes: Understanding the new tenancy law changes

New tenancy law changes recently came into force and they impose new responsibilities and rights on landlords and tenants.

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By Helen, 26.08.19

Estates: Did you know…

Here is some useful information relating to the area of Estates law.

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Relationship Property

By Sam, 02.08.19

Pre-Nuptial Agreements (aka Relationship Property Agreements)

A Prenuptial Agreement or ‘Pre-Nup’ (better called a ‘Relationship Property Agreement’) is a written contract entered into by two people to decide how they want their property to be divided during their relationship, and if their relationship should end.

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